conversion shares

conversion shares
фин. конверсионные акции* (акции, выпущенные при обмене конвертируемой ценной бумаги, т. е. акции, на которые была обменяна конвертируемая ценная бумага)

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  • conversion — con·ver·sion /kən vər zhən/ n 1 a: the act of changing from one form or use to another b: the act of exchanging one kind of property for another; esp: the act of exchanging preferred stocks or bonds for shares of common stock of the same company… …   Law dictionary

  • conversion ratio — The specified number of shares of common stock that will be received for each convertible bond or share of convertible preferred stock at the time of conversion. This ratio is specified at issuance in the bond indenture agreement. This is often… …   Financial and business terms

  • conversion — The sale of a cash position and investment of part of the proceeds in the margin for a long futures position. The remaining money is placed in an interest bearing instrument. This practice allows the investor/dealer to receive high rates of… …   Financial and business terms

  • Conversion Price — The price per share at which a convertible security, such as corporate bonds or preferred shares, can be converted into common stock. The conversion price is determined when the convertible security is issued and can be found in the bond… …   Investment dictionary

  • Conversion Parity Price — The price paid for a share of stock purchased by exercising the option on a convertible security. The conversion parity price is the effective price paid by the investor, and is calculated by dividing the market price of the convertible security… …   Investment dictionary

  • conversion premium — A convertible s conversion premium is the amount by which a convertible s market price exceeds its value in stock. The premium may be expressed as the dollar difference or as a percentage. American Banker Glossary The extent by which the… …   Financial and business terms

  • Conversion — The exchange of a convertible type of asset into another type of asset, usually at a predetermined price, on or before a predetermined date. The conversion feature is a financial derivative instrument that is valued separately from the underlying …   Investment dictionary

  • Conversion Ratio — The number of common shares received at the time of conversion for each convertible security. It is calculated by using this formula: The higher the ratio, the higher the number of common shares exchanged per convertible security. The conversion… …   Investment dictionary

  • Conversion Value — The financial worth of the securities obtained by exchanging a convertible security for its underlying assets. Convertibles are a category of financial instruments, such as convertible bonds and preferred shares, that can be exchanged for an… …   Investment dictionary

  • conversion price — Applies mainly to convertible securities ( convertible security). Dollar value at which convertible bonds, debentures, or preferred stock can be converted into common stock, as specified when the convertible is issued. Bloomberg Financial… …   Financial and business terms

  • conversion price — /kən vɜ:ʃ(ə)n praɪs/, conversion rate /kən vɜ:ʃ(ə)n reɪt/ noun 1. a price at which preference shares are converted into ordinary shares 2. a rate at which a currency is changed into a foreign currency …   Dictionary of banking and finance

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